Sunday, October 16, 2011

One Can Never Have Enough Aprons

From the City...

Here's some pics from my apron making session the other day.  This one is actually a gift but I will not lie to you, I have a definite soft spot for aprons and not just for decoration, I wear them pretty much every time I cook.  This one I made out of an old vintage sheet I found at the salvation army.  
 I first cut out just a big U shape.  Nothing fancy here.  I really hope no seamstresses are reading this because they will shake their heads at my sloppy sewing skills.  I apologize in advance.  
 I then cut out a large belt out of a different fabric for the top of the apron and cut two strips for the rest of the belt. 
Attached 'em.  Make sure to sew them pattern side to pattern side.  Trust me.   
 Attach a pocket if you so desire.  This, I won't lie, is merely for appearance.  I mean, how often do you need to put something in your pocket when you're cooking?  

 Sew the whole thing together like mad.
Oh and here's the sweater that turned into a shawl that turned into a cowl.  Turns out cowl's are so hot right now and I was so damn sick of knitting this thing that I just needed to end it. 

Happy Sunday Everyone.


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