Friday, October 14, 2011


From the City...
Is it just me or is October just flying by?  I look forward to this month from mid summer on and it seems to me that it just zoomed by on its way to cold, depressing, dreary, grey November. 
Nevertheless, here are some pics I've been saving up from the month.  

 Simon makes the most incredible french toast. He even went to the bakery early in the morning to get a loaf of fresh cakey white bread, which hands down, is like heaven in your mouth.  The brown seedy bread we normally eat just can't be made into french toast, it just isn't fair to the maple syrup or to the cinnamon.  

Ms. Sunshine just sitting beside Yoda in the, handmade, landspeeder.  My brother in law puts on this amazing halloween contest in The City of Kawartha Lakes whereby people haunt their homes.  His entry this year is the most incredible star wars scene.  
You can check out pics of his and all the other haunters here.
 Little baby legs attached to a sleeping Mille in her daddy pouch.
 So, so, so much pastry.  Laura originally wanted to make 5 pies, I drew the line at 3.  
 Laura drank tea during the pie off of 2011, I needed beer to to get me through.  

 Crazy apple pie. Recipe here.

 Two little teeth just perfect for biting.
 Perfect poached eggs....well my version of perfect.
 Current project on my needles.  A shawl that was originally supposed to be a sweater but the cost of a skein of yarn is about $20 making the finished product roughly $3,000 dollars.  Shawls are so much more fashionable anyway.  
Theo's amazing knit slippers.  So cute right??? I've been waiting for his feet to grow so he can wear them and finally the time is here.  Gifted from his lovely Auntie Hayley.  
Man this child is loved.  



  1. great post! Cute slippers! Hey, did you notice Mark has his undies on backwards?? A result of dressing in the dark I guess... I only wear $3000 sweaters around here.

    Aren't you the little lush.

    Oh,and your eggs are over cooked.

    Love ya,

  2. I think I need an adult pair of those slippers. To wear them while eating that amazing french toast.


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