Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Enough Food to Feed piece folk band?

From the City...
Simon's band, The Strumbellas, is in the studio this week recording their first full length album.  It's a pretty exciting time and one that we've been waiting for what feels like forever.  In celebration, us wives headed to the studio to cook up a storm for the hard working musicians.  The menu; burritos (recipe here), chips and salsa, donuts and fresh Loukoumades from Athens Bakery on the Danforth.  
Yes that is 20 large burritos.
Theo's first trip to the Studio.

Here's just a few other pictures that I took this week.

Good Egg in Kensington Market.  Combining my two favourite things, meat and crafting.
We stopped at Tortilleria in Kensington Market for Lunch.  Best tacos in the city.

My new tea cup courtesy of the a very generous person who no longer wanted it and left in the lobby in our apartment building.  In my lobby, everyday, people leave the things they no longer want.  I was lucky one time to score an incredible vintage toaster, countless books and stacks of Toronto Life Magazines!!!  Also in the pic is my favourite tea pot from my sister in law and left over Loukoumades my husband so graciously scored for me.  

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  1. Yeah Simon!! Looking forward to hearing all your hard work.
    I like the colourful sausage casings.


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