Sunday, October 2, 2011

Brickworks Picnic 2011

From the City and the Country...
Here's some pics from our day at the picnic.  Aside from the freezing cold weather and the downpour of rain, the day was pretty incredible.  Amazing food, great chefs and proud farmers.  The perfect combination of urban and rural coming together to show that it really, really, works.    
 You could top anything with caramelized onions and I would eat it up.
I think I may have eaten my weight in prosciutto.  It was pretty much like butter.
 Niagara Street Cafe 
 This was heaven served on a potato crostini.  I could have eaten that entire tray.  
 Soma Chocolate.
 Leslieville Cheese Shop: A big chunk of baguette dipped in fontina cheese fondue.  This was taken at the back of the line as you can see.  Popular cheese dipping spot.  
 Steak tartar, hands moving like wild fire.  It was my first time having tartar and it will not be my last.  Delicious.
 Good cause.

Simon didn't like it so I ended up drinking both of ours.  Just like that, I was drunk.

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