Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Cup, er, Freezer Runneth Over...

From the City...
Currently in my freezer, I have:
9 bags of pureed peaches
7 bags of tomato sauce
3 bags of applesauce
2 giant bags of blueberries
2 giant bags of corn 
2 bags of basil 
and a whack of fresh pork from Mark
I visited the market near our place and bought, 1/2 bushel of tomatoes, a basket of onions, garlic and basil and rainbow swiss chard.  All of this cost me a total of $18 which is good for me but not so great for farmers.  I blanched the tomatoes, processed the basil, chard and onions and garlic and then went ahead and made a ton of tomato sauce.  I left the seeds in because I didn't have the patience to mill them out plus the italian recipe that I was following said to leave them in so that is exactly what I did.
I then ladle in ziplock bags increments of about 3 to 4 cups.  Roughly enough for a dinner and a lunch the next day or a medium sized lasagna. I then lay them flat on a baking sheet so they freeze nice and thin making them defrost faster and take up less space in my freezer.  Stacked for picture sack.  
I'm heading back to the market again this weekend cause it looks like I'm gonna need to sauce some more.  Seven bags just isn't enough for our little family.


  1. Can you share the recipe? Looks delicious.

  2. Ladies-check out this week's blog at Smitten Kitchen.

  3. That roasted tomato soup looks AMAZING!!!

    I have saved it to my desktop and I'm gonna give it a whirl next week.

    Lindsay, I didn't really follow a recipe. I literally bought a bunch of basil and threw a bunch of basil in, same with the garlic and then onions. I bought a bushel of tomatoes so that was roughly 30 tomatoes I guess, a big bag of chard and salt and pepper to taste. Probably about a tbsp of each give or take. I also put in about 2 tbsp of sugar. I made it in two large batches on the stove.

    I also didnt cook it down completely. I let it simmer for about 30-45min and then I let it chill over night before bagging it. I assumed that when I went to actually use it, the extra liquid might be nice.



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