Thursday, September 15, 2011

If we had a ladder, we'd be rich.

From the City...
These are just a few of the pics from our wild apple harvest last week.  The picking was incredibly easy.  We were able to fill a crate in about 20 minutes with just the apples we could reach from the ground.  We used the apples for the canning bee and we were able to make about 17 bags of sauce for the freezer. 
 These red ones are good and sweet.  Perfect for saucing or just snacking on.
 As you can see, I was more focused on picture taking then apple picking.  
 Laura could pick out a full apple tree a mile away.  I had to pretty much drag her from this one.  I swear, she could have picked all day.  

Mother nature is pretty darn good to us.  Road side free apples, who would have thought??

1 comment:

  1. so fun! I can't wait to get back out a grab some more...if they don't fall off the trees first.



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