Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Kinder Gardens

From the country...

Here is a sneak peek at the planter gardens that the kindergarten classes and I put in at the Woodville Elementary School. This is the school that I went to, the school my siblings went to, and the school my children are and will be going to. So needless to say, this school has BIG sentimental value to me. When ever I walk the halls, floods of memories go through my mind and to be able to contribute even just a little bit as an adult, means a lot to me.

So we got dirty digging up the soil, adding compost and top soil donated by our friends over at The Glen Road Organics. Then we transplanted lettuce starts from our farm and planted baby green seeds, Swiss chard and green onion seeds. I think I have found a new passion in life. Planting with children, getting your hands dirty, and talking about growing your own food. It is such a great lesson. One that I am honoured to teach.

Here is a snip it from the Woodville E.S. newsletter written by the kindergarten class:

"On Monday, we planted our garden with Laura, Nate's Mom. We planted lettuce and lots of greens. We are going to eat salad in June!"

Last week the classes picked their first harvest and ate the fruits of their labour (or super yummy- school grown lettuce!)


  1. I love everything about this post, from the pics, to the sign, to the incredible lettuce. what a great project for the kinders.

    lucky Natey getting to show off his mama.


  2. What a clever title - and a great idea!


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