Monday, January 31, 2011

Waiting on Spring...

From the country...

...with the few more precious minutes of light we have been having lately, the tom turkeys have taking it upon themselves to start off the official War of the Toms. As a result, lots of scrapping has ensued, waterers overturned, snood pinching, carnucle chewing, and necks in twined in fits of dominance. I guess it is time to separate them into pens, give them a bunch of ladies and hope for the best. Maybe they will turn their aggression into passion and just get it on. Maybe I should play them some Marvin Gaye.....


  1. That was us this past fall, oi vey the testosterone was pumping here! Royal palm or Mdiget white? What do you raise again? We had the broad breasted bronze past year and they were huge, thinking of a smaller heritage breed this year.

  2. That guy is a midget white. I raise them and red bourbons, naraganzett,bronze ridley and black spanish- mostly the red bourbon though. I like the midget whites thus far- they are calmer than the other toms and a smaller breed.

  3. are they as economical to grow? The heritage breeds are so expensive to start off, if you lose one before slaughter, you're really out quite a bit. what do they usually finish out at?

  4. They are more economical if you breed your own or source out eggs that you can hatch out yourself. I bought poults which were $6 a piece for the Midget Whites and $12 for the Bourbon Red's and I think eggs were $3 a piece. Finding breeders was a tad tricky, but I think they are more available in the States. I had them on pasture and supplemented with grain so they really only started eating alot when the weather started to get colder- like wild turkeys. They breeders hardly eat anything right now and are the easiest to overwinter of all the poultry. I am still trying to figure the most economical way to buy/grow grain and pasture.


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