Wednesday, November 24, 2010

sauerkraut and pickled eggs...

From the country...

I have an influx of eggs right now. My ladies are pumping out between 20 to30 eggs a day. What does a gal do with hoards of eggs? Well, you eat em' until you can't any longer and then you try to come up with some elaborate plans for said eggs. I have looked up recipes on egg noodles (takes a moderate amount of eggs), made pound cake (really doesn't take that many), and as a last resort pickled the suckers. I don't know if I even like pickled eggs, they have this dirty- fingers-in-the-jar bar reputation, that coupled with the stories of intense flatulence after consumption really doesn't make them a easy sell for me. Now having said that, I do know people who like pickled eggs and will be receiving their hefty jar of them on Christmas day and I found a interesting recipe and tailored it to my liking. A few handfuls of peppercorns, coriander seed, sliced garlic, sliced poblano pepper, ground mustard, salt in a brine of vinegar and water. Let sit for at least 10 days and voila! Pickled egg ecstasy! I haven't made it to the ecstasy part yet... will update when the tasting happens, right now the jars are taking up room in the newly renovated (read: clean) fridge. These jars full of glowing orbs partnered with a jar of fermented sauerkraut and some homemade sausage is what the friends/family will be receiving for the holidays....lucky them!


  1. Pickled eggs huh?! interesting. would you mind sharing the recipe? I've got 7 1/2 dozen in the fridge right now until I get a few more customers...

    What do you use sauerkraut on?

    I've tried so many times to read the post so, so much and whenever I tried to bring it up I cannot see it... is the post there, removed or broken perhaps?

  2. Ok, so I'm ready to try sauerkraut, the pickled eggs were a big hit and everything I've tried that you ladies make has turned out wonderfully, is there a way to get a recipe? I have no idea how to make it. Thanks!


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