Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fish Sandwich

From the City (temporarily in a small town)...

Yes please, don't mind if I do.... (tilapia sandwich)

Here's a review and some even better pics. If you're in T.O and itchin for a fish sandwich (burrito, burger, pizza, salad) you should probably go.

p.s we're having a heat wave right now. I think it was 34 today. My clothes are sticking to me.


  1. I just came in from a run and yumm!!! this would be perfect for dinner. Now I am hungry!

  2. This is right down the street from me. Excellent fish burgers!

  3. i owe you a glass o' lemonade and a plate of something good when you come back to the city :)

    thx for the fish fun!

  4. I live so close to this place and have never tried it for some reason!

    P.S. Got my first CSA share today!


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