Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Parenting 101

From the country…

On Saturday, the fam made an impromptu trip to the Peterborough Zoo, via Merryland Organics mill where we buy our assortment of flour. We were pleased to get away from the farm grind for the day. In my experience a planned day somewhere special often turns out awful but a spur of the moment trip usually is pretty fun.

My kids do not get out that much. I am a homebody through and through and my children love their farm, with so much to do at every turn. Although a trip like this just shows me how much they enjoy a different change of scenery too.

On route we passed a tractor dealer ship that gave the kids a stir and I could hear them talk about the tractors like they were about to change into transformers (think machinery that turns into robots). M and I just laughed and rolled our eyes. What would two little girls be talking about in the back seat?

After the mill, and Stickling’s Bakery (where I purchased an assortment of pastries) we hit the Zoo, to enjoy my er.. really- put- together- in- a- hurry- picnic. We had one peanut butter and honey sandwich (limited bread supply), some cut up pork chop, a brick of emmental cheese, crackers, and one canteen of water, apples and pretty yummy pastries. The picnic left something to be desired. It was early when I packed it and M is the meal whiz around here, in my defence.

After the snacks, we hit the park. Where the kids went wild. N climbed the equipment to his hearts content and L ran from one thing to another. The park was pretty impressive, there was so much fun to be had. M and I sat there like aliens as our children played. Being in an urban area is always an eye opener for us and the farm is such a vortex, sucking you in, before you know it, two weeks have passed and you haven’t been anywhere or brushed your hair.

We saw the captive animals and came across a little water park with sprinklers and such.
I didn’t even think to pack bathing suits or towels. Both boys just stood there mesmerized by the water. Dilemma. Do we stripped the kids down to their gitches and let them get wet? (For the record, every other child was appropriately clothed in a swim suit) or do we walk on dragging our kids behind us.

Scenario A won.

So there you have it, two farm boys, in their tighty undies, having the time of their lives, not a care in the world, splashing in the water. What threw us into a deep belly laugh was L in his best squat pose, punching his tiny fists in the air; his wild blonde locks plastered everywhere, in his little bright blue gitch, hollering to himself.

Note to self: take the boys out more….


  1. Isn't it wonderful the boys felt right at home in their kids way. Good for you...

  2. hilarious!

    wish I could have been there.

    Another note to yourself: take camera everywhere!

    xo a


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