Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Sunny and Beautiful Long Weekend.

From the country...

We had 2 reasons this weekend to get the family together, eat and enjoy the warmth of spring. It was Easter of course and a birthday party for lil’ Lucas. Sunday started with frantic kids running to find chocolate in an early morning frenzy only a 3 and 5 year old could experience. After a quick breakfast of hash browns, toast, tea and coffee we tucked into the preparations for the party.

Mark made homemade potato chips (really his specialty…), cut carrots and beets with spinach dip. I had made the chocolate cake a day earlier, whipped up a chocolate butter cream icing and some sugar cookies with royal icing. Amy decorated the cake adding an Easter theme with chocolate eggs and pastel writing in her patented birthday font. And of course everyone consumed copious amounts of chocolate.
For an impromptu dinner we had a fresh grass fed lamb roast, roast red fingerling potatoes, a fresh salad (picked moments before) and a night walk listening to the mating chorus of the spring peepers for dessert

We ate, sang along to Simon and Mark on the guitar and bass, and played one too many games of capture the flag. We put our busy lives and chore lists aside and had fun being together basking in the sun and being pushed around by the wind.

Now as I sit on the couch nursing a cold, labouring with sore muscles I didn’t even know I had, I pause to appreciate and once again fall in love with the people in my circle. Everyone took the day to stop and run around with a special little boy and to take a moment to revel in the youth of spring. It was a picture perfect day.

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  1. I'm still full of amazing food, chocolate and a lot of love.

    Thanks for the (so fun) weekend.

    xoxo a

    p.s we still demolished your team in capture the flag, not once but eight times.


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