Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Boys and their Super Capes

From the country...

Here is a brief rundown of a typical day with 2 lil' farm boys.
#1 super capes give boys xtra climbing abilities- I have been pulling boys out of trees all day (and just recently my youngest Lucas, off the top of his play house only wearing a shirt!)

#2 when doing chores with two boys, one must constantly remember to follow through with the task untill the end. Today in particular, we collected eggs and moments later all of todays eggs were smashed on the ground much to the dog's delight.

#3 You must tell them something and wait until they listen because once your back is turned, they continue to do what they were doing before you told them to stop. Hence the chickens all over the yard and me running to get my coldframes and greenhouse closed up so they don't end up all over my newly germinated greens beds.

#4 They constantly need something. I have had 2 requests for food and drink since sitting down to the computer....ah wait....make that 3.

#5 Laundry and spring thaw. Mud + lil' boys + puddles = a ridiculous amount of laundry and dirty finger nails.

Now that my voice is hoarse and my afternoon project debunked, I will settle in to dinner, bath and hopefully early bedtime. I could be mad but what's the point. You are only a kid once and running around naked with the chickens sounds like fun right? Maybe I should just join the party, rip the couch cushions off and bounce up and down for half of an hour.


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