Thursday, August 22, 2013

Travelling with Toddlers

From the City...
Traveling with two toddlers is sorta like being stuck with your drunk friends at the end of the night.  It is exhausting, embarrassing at the best of times (think all out tantrums lying on the floor of the airport while you check luggage and your child telling everyone that they're "yucky") and I hate to say it, completely challenging and um, sorta un-fun.  Our vacation out west was less vacation and more like dragging our kids across the country to see their dads who were in the middle of a four week tour cross Canada tour. 
Never the less we bucked up and rose to the challenge, as good mama's often do. 
Here's the two little demons at the airport as we leave Toronto for Vancouver.  

Here's when we finally caught up with the Dad's in Whistler before their festival.  I have to admit, Whistler was the highlight of the trip for everyone.  We had a great room with a kitchen so we could cook some real meals, the shows they played were amazing and we even hired a babysitter so the mama's could go out for a bit.

Side note; If anyone has ever wondered about the inside of a band van that's driven across the country before with six smoking, drinking band members; trust me, it's not nearly as glamorous as you may believe. 
Think feet, old coffee cups and the lingering smell of the armpits. 
There are two hours over the course of seven days where these two didn't fight and were tolerable around each other. This is either hour 1 or 2.
Not too shabby. From Whistler back to Vancouver.
Vancouver Aquarium. 
Maddy face in the hotel.  Post bath, Pre nap time.

Cherries on Granville Island.  
Playing with Daddy at Bear Creek Studio in Seattle. 

So we survived the trip (thanks to wine) and the todd's got to see their papas in the middle of our longest tour yet.  I think I'd consider that a success, a great success.



  1. A new post! Best Thursday night reading ever. Mental note: leave the kids at home. Cute maddy face Deo.

  2. best line ever - "Traveling with two toddlers is sorta like being stuck with your drunk friends at the end of the night." true...


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