Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What Mama Wore and Other Good Things: Juno Edition

From the City...
The best thing about dressing for the Junos is that you can do things like wear a fully sequinned butterfly shirt and not even think twice that you might be overdressed because you can pretty much guarantee somebody else will wearing something even crazier, like, silver spray painted antlers...
I kid you not.  
Laura's and my crush, Corb Lund.
Strumbellas on the red carpet, 
Simon and Izz on the red carpet.  Yes, Simon is wearing three collars.  

Night 1: 
Outlaws and Gunslingers Show Put on by Six Shooter Records...So many good acts; Corb Lund, Sarah Slean, Rose Cousins, Royal Wood, Amelia Curran, Great Lakes Swimmers and The Strumbellas!

Night 2: 
The Juno Gala hosted by Gian Gomeshi.  Fancy dinner with fancy ladies and whole lotta booze (cranberry martinis!).  Followed by a sold out Strumbellas show at The Artful Dodger. 

Night 3: 
The actual many incredible acts; Metric (Emily Haines is not not hot), Serena Ryder, Hannah Georges, The Sheepdogs, and Classified.  Then off to a universal party where we danced all night!  Think; dancing with Anjulie, Hedley front man, Wooden Sky, etc etc!  Most surreal experience ever.
Robyn and I then dragged our sad bodies to the airport at 3 am for a 5 am flight.  One must never drink all night prior to a flight, this was learned the hard way.  Trust me.  Nothing about being in an airplane intoxicated/hungover is remotely enjoyable.  

Overall, the weekend was incredible.  I was just blown away by our Canadian music scene, so much talent.  I feel compelled to support more Canadian musicians and I suggest you do the same.  
Buy albums, go to shows, buy merch!
Plus Canadian musicians are so damn humble! I could have talked to Martina from Dragonette all night, she was just that cool and down to earth.  

Anyway, now back to reality.  
Theo has the flu and has been puking all night, there is vomit on every towel and sheet we own. 


  1. SO FUN! Looks like you had an amazing weekend!


    Hope Theo feels better.


  2. OMG your outfits and lips were so hot! You need to start dressing like this all the time. You guys had an amazing weekend. So stoked for you. Puking is so not sexy-juno....but I bet it still feels good to be home to nurse your babe. Such a great experience. Wowsa.

  3. Holy Hotness! Happy to hear you had an amazing time (minus the flight home).


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