Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Weekend (baking, buying, and biting)

From the country...

REALLY good Meyer lemon marmalade

So this past weekend was a pretty good one and as per usual I tried to do too many things at once. Amy and Theo came for a visit while Simon and the band were away on a quick tour (did you hear about the JUNO nomination!!??). There was lots of toddler fun to be had, running around the kitchen island, racing through the house, lots of potty talking (Millie is almost completely trained!!) and hugging. This was then followed by pushing, biting, screaming and someone ending up in tears.

We went on a walk, made some kick ass Meyer lemon and vanilla bean marmalade (first batch or preserves  for the year and soon to be followed by the Seville orange type) and did some baking (made these cookies- not bad at all!). We ate a pancake breakfast, drank warm(ish) tea, watched a mediocre movie and gabbed on and on like sisters tend to do. We had all these grandiose plans to do this and that but when it came down to it we just hung around, talking and laughing about the kid's shenanigans.  

Amy watched the brood while I went and purchased/picked up a new greenhouse (with the help of my Dad and a really handy tractor float). This was a bit of a nightmare and took the better part of the day considering we got stuck in the snow... I am SUPER excited about this purchase though, when it is all assembled it should be 150 feet of greenhouse heaven... I plan to grow cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and/or peppers in it. I cannot wait to get started...

I also purchased a new (to me) tractor implement this weekend- something that we have wanted for a while now. A medium sized manure spreader!! -yes that is right-an implement that flings feces into the air! It is the perfect size for our operation and should make short work of all the composted chicken/turkey manure we have around here. I can't wait to take it on a test drive and spread old manure over this years garden.  She is a real beauty!

greenhouse hoops

manure spreader circa 1970's
It was a pretty full weekend followed by a shopping spree at the Value Village's 50% off sale yesterday.  I highly recommend these sales- bring your A game though and keep your elbows up- it draws a big crowd!

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