Monday, January 21, 2013

For the Birds- Peanut Butter Balls

From the country...

not the best pic I'll admit I took it through the window...
I made some little edible decorations for my outside tree this year and since then I have had to keep making them. The birds are hungry and they just may need some more rations this week when the temperatures dip low. They are super easy to make and only take mere minutes- which is all I have before Millie swipes the spoon and starts eating bird seed and peanut butter.

Here goes. Take a pine cone and dip it into peanut butter- make sure to get the p. butter deep inside the cone. Next roll/pat the cone in cornmeal and then roll/pat the cone with bird seed. I tied my cone with some raffia prior to dipping so that it would hang on trees/ poles outside. It is a tad smooshy when done but it will freeze up quite nicely when put outdoors.

It's a hit. Woodpeckers love it and chickadees adore it! Not to mention the Red poles and the Gold finches! It is a also a great way for us to watch the birds fight over them from our kitchen window.


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