Sunday, December 16, 2012

Super hero tights, cookies and hide and go seek!

From the City...Yes, it's been a while. 
In my defence, I was single parenting for the past 3 weeks and 4 days but who's counting?? Simon and his band were all the way west and then down to Seattle and then back home to us.  Funnily enough, as soon as Simon got home everything fell right back into its normal routine, a much easier routine for me but a routine nonetheless...eating, dressing, walking, working, eating, bathing, sleeping and repeat.
But seriously, having Simon home has made life better in every way possible, except for, of course, the 9 loads of touring laundry.  
Here's a recap:
 These healthy cookies are heavenly and even kids like them.  My fellow bandwife and friend Robyn whipped 'em up and usually I'm not one to mess around with a healthy cookie, but these stepped up to the plate and surprised me.  
We like to hide everywhere, this week the fridge has been the place to be.  He goes in, helps himself to some grub and waits for someone to come and find him.
Christmas tree decorations, no big deal.  There was A LOT of forced crafting on my part, Theo had zero interest in this project, I spent the entire time begging him to paint, he would have a meltdown, I would praise his lacklustre artistic skills, he would lick the paint off the ornament and then the whole cycle would repeat itself again.  
Theo's cousin Finn had a superhero themed birthday party.  Theo showed up in his best lady tights, striped top, big boy underwear over his clothes and his bright red cons.  Every other kid had a legit spiderman/batman costume but it was all good, superheros gotta stick together, whether they wear their underwear on the outside or the inside, they're all super. 
Facetiming with Papabear.

That's pretty much our recap from the city...we're busy in the christmas department, lots of crafting, baking and two parties already under our xmas belt!


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