Thursday, November 1, 2012

Strictly Soup: Soup Stock 2012

Here's some pics from our Sunday at Soupstock, it really is amazing that Laura got me out of the house on a Sunday (minus Theo at that) but in the end it was really, really worth it.  The day was perfect; lots of sun, a little breeze and 200 giant pots of hot soup.  On a side note; I don't know if any mama's out there can relate with the stabbing pain of guilt when you ditch your kid on the weekend after you've been at work all week, shesh, its a sonofabitch.  Nevertheless, the soup was amazing.  My favourite hands down was this lovely spicy coconut curry soup with rice noodles (top right).  
The best part about these events; aside from raising awareness and, of course, some money is the excitement about cooking and food and community that you're left with.  A great feeling indeed. 


  1. Ummm, was David Suzuki there? He's on my 'must meet' list. Damn!

    Oh, and the soups look amazing.
    And don't stress too much about the mama guilt. In my experience (and short experience as it is) it. never. ends.


  2. No I don't think that David S. was there- possibly though.



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