Monday, July 16, 2012

Raspberry Jamming 2012

From the City...
Well it's that time of year again, our annual raspberry jamming weekend.  This year we harvested and jammed all in the same day.  Our third year and we seemed to have a nice flow about us, that and Laura came long to remember Laura right??? the other half of the HKS...

We picked 25 quarts from Sweet Scent Farms in Lindsay and made about 20 various sized jars. We also froze about 12 cups of berries for jamming in the winter, which is just straight up genius! Kudos to Meg W. for that one.

Here's some pics:

Ripe and ready for the pickin'.
There's a whole team of us out there; 5 adults, 3 kids and 3 toddlers! 

We can now breath a collective sigh of relief because the raspberry jam shelf is stocked again.
 ....and in other exciting news, we found this deluxe scrabble board on the street!  It smells a bit like your grandma's rec room, it has a swiveling base and little grooves to keep your letters in place, which is handy when your son enjoys whipping bits of play doh at it.
...ah yes, Theo loves playdoh. 



  1. I am jealous of your jam shelf. I'm missing out on all the berries this summer!

  2. You have a pretty good excuse this year Linds, but don't worry I have some jam with your name on it.



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