Sunday, June 3, 2012

My May in Review.

From the City...

What happened this month:
-Simon and his band left for tour and it has been Theo and I holding down the fort.  We're one week in with one and a bit still to go.  So far, so good.  The total number of meltdowns (from me not Theo) can be counted on one hand so I definitely think that's saying something.

-I hit the mother load at the thrift stores, purple lee jeans, crocs for Theo, more summer clothes for the mama

- Our co-op daycare is restructuring and restructuring some more.  Our current location is just not cutting it for us so we're on the hunt for a new and better location....

-I've found my cooking groove again 
and have been making some tasty things including these carrot muffins and these vegan friendly peanut noodles. 
-had an amazing girls weekend with my three favourite ladies....think girly movies, junk food, indian food, celebrity magazines, yearbooks and no shortage of gossip

-Theo and I planted our balcony garden...including our bean plant from Nate, all the herbs one can ever need, zebra tomato plants, salad greens, yellow and green beans and of course a couple beautiful orange and yellow marigolds which Theo promptly pulled the flowers off.

-We ate our weight in asparagus

-I found a new blog to should definitely check it out cause then you'll be as hooked as me
-Theos hair is growing and growing!  It's soft and fluffy and sun bleached..oh how that child is adorable.

-My first full day in the daycare as the duty was a really unique experience because I got to watch Theo interact with other kids and basically how a day in a daycare unfolds, which trust me, is completely and utterly exhausting.

What I'm looking forward to in June: 
-Strawberries and of course more asparagus
-Simon returning home to us
-Finishing up the end of my work contract 
-Swimming in a lake 
-Planning our summer including a couple camping trips, summer musical festivals and day trips
-watching our garden grow
-Splash pads in the park  
-a trip to the Toronto Islands
- a date night with Sime.  We're determined to get out there and try a new restaurant.
-my sister coming for a second girls night! 
Photo Credit: Gregarious Peach 

But seriously, how phenomenal is this picture.  It's from my new fav blog.  You should go check it out.

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  1. Ah...the monthly review.. glad you had fun with the gals last weekend. Sleep is always better with cuddles. Sweet pants Theo is wearing in the thrift store pic.



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