Saturday, May 26, 2012

Seriously Outnumbered.

From the City...
So I'm in charge of the little Millie Monster today while her mama is at the market with her bro's and her dad are selling his goods to the restos here in the city.  Simon is away playing at a wedding so it is just me and the little ones, holding down the fort....dare I say, two babies are easier than one fussy baby?    Getting places was a challenge, yes, but once we were there (the park) they were amazing.  When we got back home the two had a huge lunch followed by a session of destroying my newly planted balcony garden and chasing each other around the apartment.  Amazingly there has not been a single tear shed all day, I kid you not.  Now one is sleeping while the other is looking up at me like she just might need a cuddle and a snooze.
(literally three minutes after the above post was written)


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