Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Fur and Feather Auction

From the country...
The crowd awaiting the auction... in anticipation.

Some of the goods- Guinea Fowl and Ducks
Last Saturday was the Fur and Feather Auction put on by the Fur and Feather Club of Fenelon Falls. So I packed up the kids, roped in my Auntie Ann and headed on down for the day of spending money on poultry and the like. There was a lot of poultry indeed- chickens/chicks of various breeds, Guinea fowl, turkeys, ducks, bunnies and quail.

Now I would like to say that I am a good candidate for auctions. I would like to say that I bring my best sneer and get what I want at a reasonable price, that I intimidate the person whom I am bidding against and I get the item in the end. Not such is the case. I am a crappy bidder and the auctioneer always sways me to spend more then I intended. My palms sweat, I get all flushed and I often lose the item that I have waited for all day long. What is the auctioneer really saying anyway? Seems to me a whole lot of gibberish to get you confused...and in turn spend more cash.

Needless to say I spent $60 out of the gate on 4 poultry waterers that after further investigation I realized I could only use two. Since I only brought $80 bucks with me, I had little budget left for actual poultry. Since the auction only took cash I was out of luck. I did however bring some of my goods for sale and was pleasantly surprised when my 6 Ameraucana chicks fetched $5.50 a piece and my 12 Red Bourbon hatching eggs totaled in $10 bucks.

Suddenly I was up again and back in the game.

In the end I bought 2 new little Narragansett turkey poults- the same breed as the mighty Tom turkey we have around here. If I had had more cash things would have ended a little differently.

This Saturday is a farm auction sale that I have in my sights... now if I can only get the gumption, put the big girl boots on and get what I a reasonable price.


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  1. I just wanted to say how much I love the Kawartha Lakes region. I've taken a summer vacation there (Fenelon Falls and Bobcaygeon) every year of my life, as my Dad was an ex-pat. With him gone, we will miss it this season. Wonderful people and an enchanting place, I so enjoy reading your blog.


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