Monday, March 26, 2012

The Weekly Run Down From the Farm

 From the Farm...

Learning to walk in new boots...

Mud fights (I was NOT impressed).
Here is a list of this past weeks events (in no particular order). With the summer-like temperatures we have been outdoors mostly getting shtuff done.

-researching for my newest poultry endeavour- raising Quail for meat and eggs!!!
-dreaming about and trying to convince Mark that if you are going to raise quail then why not pheasant as well.
-plugging out greens/lettuce starts into the greenhouses for an early crop
-building new chicken runs
-cleaning up the farm/runs to the dump
-seeding, transplanting and seeding some more
-collecting eggs and starting my first hatch of the year
-wondering why our turkeys haven't started laying yet
-ordering some new laying hens (day old chicks) for pick up in April from here.
-listening to the spring peepers with open windows at night (unheard of around here considering it is still March)
-hiring our first employee (ever) to help around the farm for the season.
- more teething and screaming coming from the lil' miss around here (sheesh get those teeth already...)
-mulching and starting new compost piles
-visits from friends who are eager to get their hands dirty around here.
-planning the new Kinder Gardens at the Elementary school for this spring and planting projects to do with the children.
-wild energy exuding from every pore of the boys- lots of mud, running, and play fighting
-cleaning out the chicken/turkey pens
-dancing in the kitchen to the Jackson 5
-eating our first wild harvested salad of the year with sorrel, chives, greenhouse lettuce,lemon balm and dandelion greens
-watching this show and thinking that Amy and I could do this someday...

How was your week?


  1. wow, that sound busy! Congratulations on getting your first employee. I'm sure that's exciting-good and exciting-scary. Wishing you the best!

  2. These pictures are too much!

    I love the first one with the boys holding Millie's hand, so good, so cute. What good big bros.

    I wish I could have been there when you came out and saw those boys covered in mud, you must have had a MELTDOWN! and your meltdowns are the best.

    Holy busy week batman, I don't want to even tell you what I did all weekend...(it involved the couch, books and tea....heaven!!)

    Laura, we would kill each other if we were on amazing race.


  3. I wish I saw your mud meltdown as well. Oh how Gage would have loved to play along!
    And I would pay to see you and Amy on the Amazing Race.

  4. the meltdown included cold water and a hose...they had just got off the bus and within an hour they looked like that- in their school clothes!! I was pretty mad... It was the stinky/farm mud- not pretty.

    I know right Lindsay? Ames and I would kill on the Amazing Race and there would be lots of drama, which is what they want right? Makes good T.V. I say we audition Amy...and Mark won't do it with me.

    Yes, hiring an employee is a crap shoot but she seems like a really nice lady bringing lots of skills and little to no drama. Time will tell. Thanks, Maria!


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