Saturday, March 24, 2012

First Birthday Success.

From the City...
photo credit: Megan Ward
Well I just might think we nailed this first birthday business.  
After the pink eye fiasco I was planning on just cancelling the party altogether but the girls at work convinced me that a first birthday party is a pretty big and special one. Especially when it's for the first baby of the fam and so we sucked it up and we did it.  Simon did all the grocery shopping and cleaning and I did all the cooking and somehow it came together as a pretty great celebration.  
Just a few friends and fam (10 people in total), definitely not the event it was going to be rather a much smaller, more intimate affair.  
Deep down I am so so glad that we celebrated this little meatballs special day with some really good people and some really good food.  

Cake recipe here (which we doubled)
Icing recipe here 
Pizza dough recipe here 

***I highly recommend all three.   


  1. What a happy and sweet little birthday boy. xoxo Marg.


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