Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Oh hi there!

From the City...
So it was my birthday yesterday and I've been pretty down and out the past couple of days with a nasty case of mastitis ( I know right, a year of bfeeding and I get it now???) so if this beautiful little ditty didn't just brighten my day right on up...a simply lovely little pendant with my little ones name and birthstone.  
Laura and I have a constant gift giving cry challenge whereby we give a gift hoping that we'll make the other person cry (twisted, right?) and I won't lie, she just might have gotten me with this one, or maybe it was just dust, that's it, dust.  
To get one for yourself (likely with someone else's name on it, cause it might be weird if you got mine), go here and check out Belleza Mia's shop. 
Point 1: me. Point 0: Theo
Materials needed:
Mittens (0.50 at goodwille, yesssss!)
1 pair of adorable socks that you can't give up cause you love them but they don't fit anymore
sewing machine

1. Marvel at your materials
2. Snip off the tip of the socks
3. Sew the inside of the sock to the inside of the mitt, challenging but do-able.  
I won't lie, I swore a little bit during this step but I got it done.  
4. Hand stitch the last little part which you were unable to finish on the machine (about an inch0  
5. Put them on your kid and do a little dance because you won.  



  1. you did win, mom. well done! love the bday pres, i would cry too. xoxo Marg.

    1. I know right?? she did good with that one.


  2. I cry when I get a pair of boots as a gift- you have a heart of stone. I had to pull the whole "first kid" card to get the tears..heh heh heh


    1. Don't worry, your birthday is right around the corner.


  3. those mittens are rad! your blog is awesome :)
    hope you're feeling better!

    1. Thanks Mama FD!

      Glad you're enjoying the blog. I've also been frequenting yours quite often and it's lovely!

      Definitely feeling better.

      Have a good day,

  4. Oh actually, I made mine too. Of course I didn't, yours are amazing.

    Good luck going back to work and keep that list handy so you can look at it later!


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