Thursday, December 22, 2011

This is a Recap.

From the City...
Here's little recap post of what's been going on for me these days.
Theo had a bath with his cousin Everly.
I went to an unreal Strumbellas Show and danced until I could dance no more.
  Theo fell asleep with his shoes on.  
I attempted to make christmas cards with a teething nine month old.
Yes, I'm crazy.
I realized after the first batch that the red hand was more on the gory creepy side and less on the festive holiday side therefore we made another batch in green.  
Don't worry, we still sent out the red hands, just not to the grandmas on my list.  

Thats it, theres my little recap!
But come back tomorrow because on my favourite fellow bloggers will be guest posting and it's a gooooood one!



  1. Great post!!! Love reading about your cute little life. Those babies in the bath are something else. Who were you talking about when you said "with a 9-month old"? Not Theo, because he can't possibly be 9 months old. Man time flies.

  2. bathing with your cousin huh Theo? Is that even legal?

    Auntie Laura


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