Monday, December 5, 2011

Date Night in the Big Smoke

From the country.. spending a night in the city.

I honestly cannot remember the last time Mark and I went on a date. Before the kids we used to go out once a month. Now it is once a year (if that). Which is fine really, because I like being home with all my creature comforts (like say right now  as I type with my pj's on, munchin' a candy cane). It is nice sometimes to treat yourself, and boy did we do that.

The night started at Buca restaurant. Handmade pasta, charcuterie that makes you weak in the knees, the BEST blood orange gelatto, baked cardoon.... I had to unbutton for the last spoonful of Panna Cotta with figs. It was a trip watching the young urbanites sharing bottles of wine, all the while texting on their phones while us farmers swooned over plate after plate of food art.

Then it was over to the quirky Gladstone Hotel, where we stayed in this room. This was a treat gifted to us for participating in a Harvest Wednesday at the hotel back in the summer. Walls filled with art from local artists, a whole floor dedicated to local pottery, a VERY old elevator,  and live music. While we were standing at the front desk, 40 very drunk people in Santa suits filed into the bar gearing up for a night of karaoke in the bar.

So thanks to everybody who helped make this happen (watching our boys/turkeys/ fixing my knitting errors and shlepping Miss Millie across the city to meet us at the hotel).

It was a grand night in the big smoke.

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