Friday, December 16, 2011

Crafting from the Farm- Clay Ornaments

From the country...
naked decorations, awaiting the oven...

I had hoped that December would be a relaxing month where I could make crafts, knit, bake and nest.

Not so much.

I think I need to realize that there will be no real relaxing month, maybe just a few relaxing hours per day. Between market, closing down the farm (on going), the kids and our livestock, December has been a rather hectic month for us. We have had turkey fatalities, a crawling little lady into EVERYTHING and a particularly trying time with the boys (no Santa threat seems to work...).

Theo T's slightly scary bear ornament...

January may be the month I am waiting for perhaps?

Anyway, I have managed to set aside a few minutes per day to work on clay ornaments. I have made some mementos for the kiddies to put on the tree and they have made their own creations. I have also been to the public school for my annual craft with the Kindergarten class.

So here are some photos of said clay ornaments, this years addition to the tree and some to sell at market this weekend.

Now if I could only get around to that baking...


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