Monday, November 28, 2011

Something Fishy in the Mail

From the Country...
37 lbs of hot smoked salmon
We couldn't wait to crack into it...
The man of the hour, our Pops with his catch of the day!   

So a while back our Dad went on a fishing excursion out west.

He bagged a biggie.

My Dad spends a lot of his free time fishing the lakes around here whether it be a breezy summer afternoon or a frigid winter morning. He has bought a fishing boat, down riggers, countless rods/lures, fish finders etc, etc. He has taught Nate and Lucas to fish. And every year we collectively buy him the same old gift card to his favourite shop. The man loves to fish.

Yet more often then not, he comes home empty handed. The same sheepish look on his face when we say,

"No fish for dinner tonight, huh?"

Not this time, this time he sacked the big one. He sacked it, payed to have it smoked (all 37lbs of it!!), and got it shipped across the country for his family to enjoy.

You did it Dad (with photo proof and everything this time...)! Congrats!

Salmon for dinner...again.


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