Monday, November 14, 2011

A Refashioned Frock

 From the City...
I bought this beautiful dress about two years ago in anticipation of someday getting pregnant and wearing it as one of the best maternity dresses of all time.  So now that I'm no longer pregnant, I still want to wear the damn thing as much and as often as possible.  So what are the chances that I would head over to one of my favourite blogs and find this.  Just the inspiration I needed. 
Note: it is not a stain on the front, I was doing dishes and splashed water on myself.
After and with a belt.  The kids seem to be wearing belts these days.
What I did: Ironed and stitched down four seams at the back.  This took out a lot of the bulk.  Took out a little bit of the extra fabric in the armpits.  Shortened it even more and stitched up the seams on the shoulders.
 On a side note: This is what happens when you don't do laundry on the weekend when you should.  Keep in mind this doesn't include the pail of diapers and wipes that also need to be washed.    


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