Monday, October 10, 2011

Thanksgiving Dinner- The Pie Edition

From the country...
This pumpkin pie was the best, made with a combo of our own  Sugar pie pumpkins and Hubbard squash.

Found this cookie cutter, so the regularly named pumpkin pie became the Piggy Pumpkin Pie

PP, nectarine custard and apple pies adorning the table

An amazing apple pie made in a really unique, buttery and delicious way
Pie, pie and another pie (what the heck right?). Amelia made the pastry with her favourite recipe and I worked on the fillings. A pretty good trade off- but with babies, tea to down and shtuff to gab about we didn't finish these lovelies until mid afternoon. I don't like to rat Amy out or anything but she does get a little snarky around the 2nd hour of really any given task...

So let talk pies. The pumpkin we went with this recipe- I really think that this is the best or maybe it was the fact that the squash and pumpkins were so amazing when roasted up and milled. The recipe calls for brandy, which we didn't have but I would like to try. The nectarine custard we found here which had a nice almond and fruity flavour. The unusual apple pie we found here and will definitely make again and again. You make a brown sugar and butter sauce and then pour it over the lattice top- it was almost too crazy for me but turned out really nice and apple y.  If we had to number them the pumpkin ranked number 1, the apple #2 and the custard #3- we are pretty found of pumpkin pie around here though- this pie was snatched up first. But who can resist an apple pie with a nice sharp cheddar cheese.

So all in all, if you are gonna make pie, go big or go home. Am I right or am I right?

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