Friday, September 23, 2011

This Month.

From the City...

On this cold rainy day, I'm feeling rather inspired.  My good friend is to blame for this.  I've been inspired by her to pause and be grateful for what I have going on in my life right now.  Our month of life in a small town is coming to an end and we are preparing ourselves for our little family to uproot (again) and move back home.  With this comes a lot of happiness, I miss my little home with its cozy bed, I miss watching my neighbours, I miss my city friends and our long walks, I miss our thin walls shaking as my partner plays his guitar too loud,  I miss the stares I get as I wash my dirty diapers in our apartment building laundry room and I really miss my market and my bakery.

On the other hand though, I am so incredibly grateful for my little life in this small town.  I have spent this month cooking and eating, laughing uncontrollably with my partners family, reconnecting with my own family, watching my sons expression when his grandma enters the room or when he plays with any one of his eight cousins,  going on dates with my partner (something we just don't do in Toronto), family baths in a tub that easily doubles our city tub in size and rehashing old high school memories and new adventures (think new boyfriends, new babies, toddlers and messy husbands) with my two best girlfriends.

Here's some more:
  • My dad caught a 40lb salmon on a deep sea fishing trip in B.C last week.  A trip he's wanted to go on for forever.  He sent me the cutest text after it happened.  I am so grateful for my dad. 
  • Theo's first tooth came in.  It is the cutest little tooth I have seen.  He doesn't like to show it off but I catch a glimpse of it when I really get him laughing.  I am so so grateful that my son is healthy and chubby and able to grow teeth.   
  • A full pantry and a full freezer.  
Hope everyone else can get a little time to reflect and be grateful.  It's a pretty great feeling.  


  1. oh please please please plant a kiss on those adorable cheeks for me! What an AMAZING shot and moment to have captured! Not to mention an adorable son you've got there Momma!

  2. Like! can't wait to have you 3 closer :)

  3. Great post and so true! So nice to stop and reflect. Looking forward to October!


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