Thursday, August 11, 2011

What I did on Wednesday

From the City...

We got home yesterday and had a major day of unpacking, organizing, diaper washing, plant watering, grocery shopping, farmers marketing, corn freezing, banana bread baking, cooking and having dinner with our good friend Andrew.    
We picked up three dozen corn from a farm on the way to the city and spent the day cooking it off and freezing it for the winter.
We also decided to whip these little suckers up for our vegetarian friend Andrew for dinner.  We served them with maple syrup and they were delicious. Recipe courtesy of The JOy of Cooking.
 These heirloom tomatoes I bought from the Bloor borden farmers market.  It was a pretty big basket for $10 as you can see.  We made a tomato basil salad with goat cheese and we're going to have pasta tonight as well as tomato sammy's for lunch.
 So worth the $10.
A little olive oil, a little vinegar, salt and pepper.
Wahoo!! Sime's band the Strumbies were featured on Degrassi last night.  The best, quite frankly.


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