Sunday, August 21, 2011

My Trip to the Peterbug aka Peterborough.

 From the City...
I just LOVE peterborough, like love love.  It holds a really special place in my heart.  It's where I went to university, its the first city where S and I lived together, its ruby's first home, it has the best restos of any town I've ever been to,  its boasts two (not one but two) incredibly successful, widely popular farmers markets and it's the home of my lovely friend Lindsay and her family.  Whenever I'm away from peterborough for an extended period of time, I really start to miss it, including the people in it.  So I packed up the little one, the dog and we made the trek to Lindsay's for a little slumber party.  Here's some pics from the adventure.

Our dogs love each other. 
They literally played non stop the entire time I was there.  Ruby is still recovering.
 JJ wasn't picky about who he would get to throw the ball for him.
 Our first attempt at a twosie with a self timer.  

Lindsay also writes a really great urban farmer blog which you should definitely check out. I'm so excited because in the next little bit she'll be posting as our first ever guest blogger so check back soon for that!

1 comment:

  1. Love the photos! Especially the one where JJ is waiting for Theo to throw the ball. That dog is too much!
    We miss you already. xo


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