Monday, June 20, 2011


From the City...

On Sunday Caplansky's defended their title of best smoked meat here in Toronto. I definitely don't consider myself a smoked meat expert or anything but I like sandwiches, meat and mustard and supporting incredible non profits like The Stop so I went and ate I did.

Caplanksy's (located at college and brunswick) was good, salty but good. The bread was a little lackluster and the meat portion was much smaller than the others making this one easily my least favorite of the three.
Goldin's was definitely the dark horse of the competition. I preferred their bread which was a thinner but larger piece of rye with a large stack of salty, greasy, soft meat and a wonderfully pickley pickle on the side. You can get the good stuff only at the Free Times Cafe here in Toronto, at College and Robert.
The winner for me was Stockyards. It reminded me of really good bacon. Soft in the middle with a crunchy edge. Each sandwich ( I had two) had the most perfect amount of mustard per meat per bread ratio which is crucial for any good sandwich, deli or not.

The winner for everyone else though was Goldin's. They took it handsdown. Good for them.

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