Monday, June 20, 2011

The Day After Father's Day

From the country...

We typically do not celebrate these days (Mother's day, Father's day, School bus driver's day) because we relish in what we call "regular" days. The normal day when we work hard, enjoy each others company and finish it all off with some really great meals. It drives me mad when I am listening to the radio and hear commercial after commercial insisting we need to buy this and that for our fathers. We do make something special for each other on our allotted days, which is usually in the form of something yummily (yep, it is a real word...) edible.

So yesterday I made a rhubarb fool for the "Daddy" of the house. It was easy to make, I literally winged it together but it turned out really tasty.

Here goes my slap happy recipe:

-Cut up rhubarb and stew it down. I stewed mine with golden sugar and half of a vanilla bean. Season to taste- if you like it tart take it easy on the sugar.

-Once the rhubarb is nice, soft and mushy, take it for a ride in the food processor.

-I then added gelatin to the recipe because I wanted a more pudding- like consistency (optional)

- cool the mixture,whip up some cream, and layer it up! Delish!

You could do a variation of this with so many different fruit (apple, peach, blueberry, strawberry)We did a little ab-lib thing today for Mark and here is what the kids had to say (the writing in italics is what they had to say...).

My Dad likes to wear his shirts 10 days in a row (Nate)

His hair is brown and he has black eyes. (Lucas)

He is smart because he knows almost everything. (Nate)

My favourite thing about my Dad is he has a beard. (Lucas)

If I could give my Dad anything it would be my heart. (Nate)

If I could give my Dad anything it would be marshmallows and chocolate. (Lucas)

(the heart one literally makes my knees wobble.

Happy regular day today and ever other Daddy!

I found the ad lib idea from here.

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