Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fertile Myrtle

From the country....

Sheesh, so much has gone down here on the farm these past few weeks!

Aside from starting a new market in Toronto, I have been planting planter gardens with the local Elementary school, the boys have started soccer (I am literally a soccer Mom- van and everything!), and the farm has kind of exploded in the fertility department. I have chicks expected to hatch in the next few days from our incubator and I have just finished packaging up the other 130 turkey eggs I have been collecting which I am sending to a commercial hatchery to hatch for me. The new green house has the best batch of bok choi and butterhead lettuce I have ever seen. Everywhere I turn I see new life, or the making of new life (way to go Turkey Tom!) and everything is so green and fresh. This could be my year! I mean "our" year, the year the farm makes its mark in the soil, the year this family turns the corner from floundering farmers to just plain farmers.

We have been up to our eyeballs in wild edibles- over 100 pounds of fiddleheads, and the odd pound of stinging nettle. The greenhouse greens are pumping and we have had salad for 3 squares for some time now. At the market our table is brimming with spring and people are eating it up- literally!

I am sure there will be downfalls- but for right now I am on cloud nine!

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