Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Duck's New Digs.

From the country...

Here is the new digs the ducks call home. We had to come up with something quick because ducks grow so fast and they are so messy, they needed to hit the road and get out of the barn. We were gifted this old dog house last fall and our dogs took 2 looks at it and asked;

"are you kidding me... you want us to sleep in here and not the house? Good luck with that!"

So, instant duck house.

Ram some boards together, build some ramps and a door (thanks Dad!), and the old bathroom window will act as the perfect gate- presto! something outta nothing.

The ducks on the other hand are lukewarm about their living arrangements..... and don't quite get the whole ramp idea.


  1. kind of a impulse buy for the kids at easter...eggs with the hens, possibly breeding and meat (much to my sons chagrin...) They are sure messy though and need to be outdoors.


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