Monday, March 21, 2011

41 weeks and 2 days.

From the City...
I visited my midwife today and she gave me a recipe for a very delicious concotion that should, hopefully, kick start this labor. The goal is to not be induced this weekend so Simon and I are trying pretty much anything, including this castor oil, almond butter, apricot juice smoothie. I can just feel your envy right now.

Here's a shot of my belly, hopefully it'll be the last one. It's huge right? Simon is for sure that it's a boy, I'm just sure that it needs to vacate, asap.



  1. Yes, that's quite a belly! I hope it comes soon, and eases your discomfort and waiting. all the best,

  2. I love that belly! But I'd love to see pics of the baby more. Let's hope that smoothie works!

  3. I am so sorry to hear about that. I was two months early with my daughter and had a scheduled c-section with my son, never even had a labor pain. You are a very brave woman posting belly pics! I never like being photographed especially while pregnant, you however are a very beautiful momma-to-be with an adorable belly.

  4. come onnnnnn babyyyyy!!!!!! your aunties want to meet you!!!!

  5. wohoo Momma...come on baby! Nate, Luc and Millie are waiting for their cousin and I am to be an aunt! You look great! Castor oil, apricot juice and almond butter is a very tasty combination...YUM! sending TONS of love from us at the farm to you guys! Can't wait! Boy girl whatever just come already!

  6. I guess the smoothie worked!!!! Hope you're going ok and baby too.

  7. hahaha you're still pregnant! i've been quietly peeking to see when you'll pop the turkey out of the oven.

    hope the labour comes soon, and goes well. i'll peek back again in no time :)


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