Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Warm Spring Thoughts...

From the country...

Basil plants in the greenhouse, fiddleheads, fresh spring greens and a fuzzy little chick basking in the sun...


  1. You've got basil planted already?! Or are you just thinking about having it planted?

  2. These are all photos from last year...just thinking about spring!

  3. Just wondering if and when you harvest the fiddleheads? We missed them last year and are hopeful about preserving some this year.

  4. We harvest the fiddles here in the Kawarthas early May, around the same time as asparagus. We are usually at the patch picking before blackflies are a problem. We just keep checking the patch until it is ready and when that happens boy are they ready. You probably have a quick 2 weeks of picking before they start to fern out.


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