Friday, August 13, 2010

Dinner at the farm

Photos in no particular order: Me
gabbin' on and on about my basil and turkeys, finished creme brulees, mark at work, zucchinis and pea shoots on the plate, bread and butta, pickled goods, a beautifully fantastic salad

From the country...

Last Sunday we had a delicious peak season dinner at the farm. It was a fairly intimate affair with 11 guests.. and the rain poured! It between rain showers we toured the farm while my wonderfully talented partner, Mark prepared an amazing local Kawartha feast. We dined on salad greens(which I picked hours before...) with a light apple cider vinaigrette, fresh bread with raw milk butter, chicken wings 3 ways with fried eggplant and a cilantro pesto, pickled goods with fresh sausage (both pork and chicken), marinated fennel salad, cucumber salad, fresh baby zucchini sauteed with pea shoots, a unusually tasty cheese course, grilled steak with pan fried potatoes with onions and creme brulee with plum preserves for dessert. Everyone left satisfied and stuffed to the brim. The dinner was a showcase of the best locally sustainable foods made with a true passion for food that only my Mark could deliver.

To view more foodie photos of the day click here.

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