Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Are you outta your cherry pickin’ mind?

From the country…

Back during the first of July, we travelled to the Niagara’s (Grimsby, to be exact) and stopped at 2 Century Farm for our annual cherry trip, in which we brought home sour cherries to preserve for the winter months. We also picked some sweet cherries for fresh eating (a little too fresh they were devoured before we returned home...) This year I decided on 10, 7-litre baskets of sour cherries, which is ultimately too many cherries for a family of four (and growing…). I was literally drowning in bright red cherry juice. I canned, pitted and froze, baked, made cherry preserves and ate the sour suckers until the very last basket was finished, it nearly broke me, but alas the deed was done and the first of the spring fruit put away (the tally being sour cherries, strawberries, and some raspberries thus far).

Bring on the peaches, pears, plums and blueberries!

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