Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Training Tomatoes

From the country...

So today I equipped myself with a bale of twine and a couple of old pantyhose (as you can probably tell, I am not the panty hose type of gal - they were hard to find!) to "stake" my hothouse tomato plants. The theory being, I will train these lovelies to grow up the twine creating more airflow between plants, and possibly produce higher yields. This will be my first year growing vegetables in a greenhouse... so it is all a learning curve. I am attempting to extend my growing season and this is a reliable way of keenly avoiding an early frost. I can already taste that earthy Cherokee Chocolate beefstake.....wish me luck!

Panty hose in action- looks better on a tomato plant huh?


  1. Ha! I had a hard time collecting enough pantyhose last year too; I detest wearing them!

    chocolate beefstake?? sounds yummy!


  2. some bright spark will sell large bags of nylon just for the purpose for us non-hose types.


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