Thursday, June 3, 2010

Gloriously Gloomy Day

From the country…
On this overcast day, I have taken the opportunity to cross some items off the list and to get some transplants into the soil. With all the sunshine we have been having, it is nice to have a day of cool temperatures and rain. Here is a little photo story of what I have been up to and what needs to be done still.... oh the joys of farm life! Momma Nature doesn't slow down for anyone!

transplanting peppers and tomatoes in my humble greenhouse....

newly transplanted endive enjoying the wet weather...

reseeding the coldframes with more salad greens... check out the drip irrigation, so high tech!

thai eggplants waiting to hit the soil...

the basil collection: purple ruffles basil, geneovese basil, and minnette bush basil (red rubin not shown...) also anticipating the impending move to the garden.


  1. trying really hard not to covet that hoop house!!! Oh My Word!!! is that wonderful! How did you make it or was it a kit?


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