Friday, June 18, 2010

Chocolate Cupcakes er... Cupcake..oh whatever..

From the City...
It's officially my last day of work today and I decided to make up some cupcakes for the kids as a special treat. They contain no hidden fruit, vegetables or whole wheat flour (an organic, unbleached all purpose instead) which should make all the kids quite happy.

The cupcakes are really more like a muffin and definitely don't need icing if you don't want to make/ buy any. They stand up quite well on their own thanks to the butter and chocolate chips inside.

Chocolate Muffin-cakes:
2 eggs
1 cup (220 g) sugar
1 cup (110 g) all-purpose flour
6 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder
2 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
2/3 cup (160 ml) milk
2/3 cup (150 g) butter
4 oz (120 g) semisweet chocolate chips (optional)

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
2. Line your muffin pan
3. Beat the eggs with the sugar like so:
4. Mix in flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, vanilla and milk, like so:

5. Add chocolate chips, if you've decided to use them.
6. Bake for 20 minutes or until a toothpick inserted comes out clean.

I guarantee if you make them this weekend, a lot of people will want to be friends with you. Now what's better than friends AND cupcakes???

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  1. I NEED to make these!!! Oh mercy do those sound wonderful!


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