Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Know your Ingredients! The answer!

From the country...
And the answer is... drum roll please... Cool Whip! (a.k.a "whipped topping"!). Twistie you hit the nail on the head, congrats! So here is my point in all this fun, if you can't make out what is in the list of ingredients, then maybe it should be left on the shelf! And real whipped cream (the stuff that cows make) is freakin' delicious and takes a second to make, am I right ladies? This little quiz, I will do again!


  1. woah nice work Twistie!

    The real stuff really is the best.


  2. aw shucks! Thanks! Well, I should tell you, I've been a label reader for a long time. I tend to go with the philosophy that if I cannot pronounce it or know what it is or why it's in there do I really need to put it in my body? Thanks for the quiz, I hope you'll do another.

  3. Kudos to you! I am an avid label reader myself.

  4. the fewer the ingredients the better .... cool whip is so very very harmful for us ..... all those unknown chemicals and preservatives ARRRRGGGHHHHH !!!!!! if people would just take the time to educate themselves just a little bit they would come to know that convienance foods are going to make their life in convienant in the long run ..... great blog !!


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