Thursday, May 27, 2010

Heat waves and thunderstorms

From the country...

So apart from being ridiculously busy with the farm, I have done a few pretty fun trips to local greenhouses for my started plants for the gardens. The kids and I took a trip to Richter’s Herbs to pick up an order of 120 rosemary plugs and 120 marjoram plugs which have made their herby ways into the soil of the ol' chicken coop garden nicely. We also picked up a French sorrel plant (it just sounds so tasty and cultured, doesn’t it?) and N got an Autumn Sage for a clay pot on our porch.

Last weekend my Auntie Ann and I made our way to Spring Break Farm for our annual trip to the Heirloom Tomato Seedling sale. Although I need more tomatoes like a hole in my head, I came home with some beauties. I must confess I am a sucker for the names of these oldies.

Cherokee Chocolate, Scotia, Stupice, Eva’s Purple ball, Red Fig, Amana Orange, Omar’s Lebanese, Tangella, Black Giant, Lime Green Salad, Russian Red, Tiger’s eye….

Due to this little heat spell, I have been crafty with my work, sneaking a few hours in here and there, mostly doing tasks as the sun is descending for the day. And watering has been an ongoing chore, with me frantically watering in the early morn and evening, returning to the house, sopping wet. Darn leaky hoses and make shift sprinklers!

And although my incubating of eggs was a bit of a bust this year, to my surprise Momma turkey and her trusty companion, Auntie Hen have hatched a brood of 14 baby heritage turkeys! Maybe I should toss the incubator and let things happen the natural way. Little do Momma and Auntie know, none of the little gaffers are biologically theirs….

All the chickens are becoming teenagers and are finding their way in the barnyard life with the older chickens, and fingers crossed, I haven’t lost any babies to predators! I hope I just didn’t jinx myself!

Oh, and check out these piggies! They arrived last week their names are P. Chop, Smokey Trotter, Mr. Sausage, Mrs. Fatty, and Roasty, respectively.

Amelia and myself are about to celebrate our 100th post! So stay tuned for a celebratory giveaway!

Enjoy the heat but not too much and enjoy the impending thunderstorms!

P.S I don’t actually name my farm animals as a rule because as much as I love and respect them, after they live their short but sweet pastoral lives, they will end up in the bellies of many a person.


  1. I'm trying an heirloom tomato out this year. It's called Mr. Stripey (I thought it was a great name!). I hope it does well.

    We are not having any heat over here in Western Oregon. It's still cool and very, very, very wet! We need some sunshine.

  2. I have driven through Oregon before, super beautiful spot. Good luck with Mr. Stripey!


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