Saturday, April 17, 2010

Our First Ever Contest!

From the City and the Country...
So our friends over at Kawartha Ecological Growers passed us down two tickets to the Green Living Show in Toronto next weekend and we decided in good blog karma, to raffle them off to one of our lovely blog readers.

But first, here's a little bit about the Green Living Show.

It's all going down this upcoming weekend from April 23-25. There are tons of attractions including a farm fresh fair, an urban backyard exhibit as well as an urban forest workshop which include discussions on seed saving and the benefits of community gardens. Children 12 and under are free and there are lots of activities for the kiddies that day so if you win bring 'em along!

Contest Details:

Comment on this post with your best living green tip that you apply to your own life in the city or in the country. Laura and I will give them all a read and pick a winner by Tuesday evening.

Good luck!


  1. Fine blog, Kitchen sisters! Here's my contest entry.
    I grew up in the country. Our well was not always reliable: its "fill up speed" was not fast, particularly in the winter. Sometimes we ran out of water. In order to preserve the amount of well water, it was standard procedure to not flush unless you absolutely had to (if you know what I mean).
    I still don't (flush, I mean).
    Now I live in the city, and regularly gross out my kids/houseguests by not flushing 'unless I have to'. I don't let the tap run while I am brushing my teeth, either. Water-saving habits have become fashionable and mine, as gross as one of them might be, makes me feel a little bit self-righteous!

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  3. First of all, I have to comment on contest blogger#1's post. Having grown up experiancing the exact same issue(actually, the same toilet to be exact),I find myself not letting ANYTHING "linger" if you know what I mean. It is still a novelty to be able to "send things on their way" and then have the water actually come back ! We all have our hang-ups !
    My green suggestion is such:
    Sorting out the recycling, garbage, compost etc. was a chore at our house of 6 people. The compost was fine (bucket under the sink) but everything else was dumped under the sink in a big pile to be sorted on the kitchen floor! To stop me complaining, the kids came up with the idea of placing an actual blue box under the sink. This way, all the dry stuff goes in the blue box and the wet stuff goes in the compost bucket. About once or twice per week, I would empty the compost bucket in the back yard compost (nothing new here, have been doing this part for years) and take the kitchen blue box out to the garage. In the garage I have 5 blue boxes hanging on the wall (special hangers available at Canadian Tire)where I sort EVERYTHING out in detail. It's amazing what you encounter when you sort the waste (with teenagers, there are some things I wish I didn't see !). The idea is to not let anything "splip" by and go in the garbage when I can be recycled. The result is that our garbage is down from 2 pails per week to 1/2 a pail per week. My goal is zero, but the damn packaging is tough to avoid. Since I see everything, I have become the family "Waste Expert" and am in a position to advise the family what not to buy to avoid the excess packaging. I will continue with my mission and I hope that I can inspire others to be as obessed as I am.
    Cam Willcox,
    Alliston, ON

  4. I can't really compete with Cam from Aliston or Griz the non-flusher, but here goes.
    We recycle all our plastic bags and try to wash any plastic freezer bags so that they don't go to waste. Yes that's right, every time I eat a sandwich I hand wash the plastic sandwich bag after and re-use it as many times as it will let me.

    I know my entry sucks...

  5. Hi Amy and Laura! So here is my living green effort for this summer. My partner and I are going to buy a share in a local farming co-op and receive a food box every week rather than buying grocery store produce. Those grocery stores are tearing apart fair and healthy living (even though those darn chocolate dip granola bars with the marshmallows are so good) and I would rather get my food from one or two farmers that I know.


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