Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Finally the home to farm fair!

From the City...

Well two weeks ago now (shesh, slacking on the blogging) Laura and I helped in the kids room at Slow Food's annual Farm to Home Fair. It was another great slow food event with lots of good food, people and information for those interested in supporting local.

We also used the event as an opportunity to promote our blog by handing out little bags of goodies including basil seedlings and seed potatoes.

...a little fun in the kid's room! I didn't manage to get a good pic of it but Laura and I had brought in a couple bags of soil, some shovels, toy tractors, assorted plastic pigs and cows and a handful of beans and potatoes for the kids to 'plant'. It was pretty fun.

...deliciously beautiful bowls of goodness.

...Our friends from KEG were also there doing a maple syrup tasting as well as giving information on their very popular (rated number 1 by Toronto Life Readers 2009) CSA box, which Simon and I are so excited to be taking part in this summer! was provided by the super talented Toronto band, The Strumbellas who fit the venue and the crowd perfectly (photo credit: Megan Ward).

All in all it was a pretty great way to spend a Saturday right here in the city...

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